Potomac Highland District Churches

The Potomac Highlands District churches are listed on this page, first by parish.  Included in parentheses is the county in which the parish exists.  Some parishes cover more than one county.  However, Garrett County, Maryland has two parishes that reside in it.   Just double click on the parish to view the charge and then the individual churches, listed in alphabetical order.  This page is a work in progress.  Some parishes are not finished yet but we hope to get them finished soon.

District Office

97 Goldsborough Avenue

Romney, WV 26757



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Hampshire Cooperative Parish (Hampshire County)

Hardy Cooperative Parish (Hardy County)

Mineral Cooperative Parish (Mineral County)

Mountain Cooperative Parish (Pendleton & Randolph Counties)

Mountaintop Cooperative Parish (Garrett County MD)

Preston Cooperative Parish (Preston County)

Smoke Hole Cooperative Parish  (Grant & Pendleton County)

Tucker Cooperative Parish (Tucker County)