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Rise Against Hunger Meal Packing Youth Event @ BUMFS Gym

March 4, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

With all that is happening in the world the Potomac Highlands District Youth Ministries’ annual Rise Against Hunger meal packing event is needed more than ever ( http://www.riseagainsthunger.org/about-us/).
  • WHEN:    March 4th at 4 pm
  • WHERE: Burlington United Methodist Family Services Gym
  • HOW:      We’ll need to raise $5,800 to pack 20,000 meals

Youth Leaders and Pastors: Please let the District Office know by Feb 26th:

  • How many youth will you be bringing?
  • How much $$$ have you raised for the meal packing?
FUNdraising Ideas
1. Not-So-Silent Auction. You know the old stand-by, the silent auction. You get people to donate items (cakes, gift certificates, vacation property, access to private jets, you know… the norm) and then people submit bids. At the end of the night the highest bidder takes home the item. In this twist you’ll give a teenager a megaphone or access to the churches social media accounts to make as much noise and have as much fun with selling each item as you can. Make up a “silent” number… if a bid reaches that number, the item [and the noisy teenager] is silenced.
2. Hire-a-thon. Take over part of a Sunday morning service to get people in your congregation hiring teenagers for jobs around their house or around town. That’s right, it doesn’t just have to be at their house! Someone can donate money to have your group do graffiti removal or park clean-up or anything like that.
3. Singing Telegrams (and Insurance). Offer singing telegrams to people in your congregation and make them CRAZY! (Costumes, dancing, etc) For people who don’t want to have a singing telegram show up at their place of business… No problem, sell insurance for $20 per week!
4. VIP Parking. Sell VIP parking at your church. Sure, it’s a little odd. But have fun with it by offering red carpet service to the highest bidder. The more ridiculous the better.
5. Double Your Star(Bucks). Challenge your church to match their coffee purchases for a week in donations.
6. Ye Old Envelope Method. Simply tape a number of envelopes, with pre-identified donation amounts (i.e. $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, etc.), on a prominent wall of your church and let folks fill the envelopes with CASH.
7. Protection Money: You offer protection from an item, such as a purple toilet. If members of your church don’t buy protection, then the toilet gets delivered to their front lawn, and the only way to have it removed is to pay the Toilet Removal Fee. Fun stuff… but clean the toilet first.  
8. Service Board: Church members post on a bulletin board odd jobs or service projects for around their home and a price they would pay for the service. Youth take the postings and sign up to do the task for the donation.
9. Have a youth night where you make duct-tape wallets. Be sure to make popular color combinations. Then, have each student sell them for $3–$5 after school, before school, at events, etc. 
10. Dodge Ball Tourney: $10 or so per person to enter. You can sell snacks and stuff on the side. Take a bowling trophy and cut and reapply the arm so it looks like it is throwing a dodge ball for a low-cost prize.

Join the Facebook group for fundraising ideas and updated “Potomac Highlands UMC Youth”

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March 4, 2018
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Burlington United Methodist Family Services
120 Hope Lane
Burlington, WV 26710


Potomac Highlands District of the UMC