C.O.M.E. – Celebration of Mission Event – 2021

Racing-Racing to Raise funds for C.O.M.E.

We have discovered a new, fun way to raise funds for the Celebration of Mission Event this year.  The Celebration of Mission Event supports our conference wide mission projects.    Each District Superintendent, the Bishop, and a few other folk have been challenged to enter a car in the six week race, which is being held at First Church in Shinnston.  Every week the cars accumulate points for how fast they have qualified and how far they move along in the race.  We can encourage and support our District Superintendent in the Hot Wheels Race by sending in our donations for C.O.M.E. to the District Office at 97 Goldsborough Ave. Romney, WV 26757.  The proceeds will be distributed throughout our mission projects all across the state.  Please make all checks out to the Conference Treasurer and write “C.O.M.E.” in the memo line.  We will send them  on to the Conference.  At the end of the race a Conference Champion will be announced and other prizes will be awarded too.  Of course we can also collect tangible goods for the Potomac Highland District 2021 missions listed below.  At the bottom of the page is a link to a “needs” list for each mission project.

At the moment, Potomac Highlands is placing 10, out of 12 cars.  The next race will be on Wednesday April 28.  It is possibly the last race.  Let us encourage our D.S.!!!  Races can be viewed on the Mon Valley District Facebook page.

24th Annual Celebration of Mission

Potomac Highlands District 2021 Mission Emphasis

  • Upshur Parish House (www.parishhouse.org)
  • Scott’s Run Settlement House (www.srsh.org)
  • Volunteers in Mission

PLEASE NOTE: The Mission’s mentioned above are for the designation of tangible goods only.

  • Cash gifts may be designated, but undesignated giving is encouraged.
  • Undesignated cash gifts will be divided to provide an equal amount for ALL Conference Mission Projects and Volunteers in Mission.
  • A 1/2 share of cash gifts will be distributed to the Greater Clarksburg Parish

As your new Celebration of Mission Event Coordinators we want to touch base with the PH District Churches. We have big shoes to fill after Rev. Nathan Epling moving down south (that’s why there are two of us) and we will do our best to make sure this continues doing as well as it has in the past and that is definitely where you come in! Due to Covid we are unable to gather and safely have our normal Polar Plunge, so we wanted to give some new challenge options to raise money for mission this year. Most of these can be done by an adult or child and if your child is too young to do one on their own, include them in yours.

  • Polar Angels OR Polar Gush – if you have snow depth on the ground, go outside in your bathing suit, or shorts and t-shirt and make snow angels or have someone douse you with a bucket full of ice and water. Raise money to have any of the above not happen or happen! All we ask is that first and foremost you do not do this alone you should always have someone there to help you if needed, second, if there is any health reason that you should not take part in this challenge please do not do so, third, that you do this safely, and if you can have someone take a short video that we can share on our facebook and/or District webpage. (2.22.21 thru 3.17.21)
  • SNAP w/ a Twist Challenge – Years ago there was a challenge called the SNAP challenge. This challenge asked that you try to eat for a week or more on the amount that families receiving SNAP benefits ate on. That amount today is $4.15 per person, per day. If each household took the total of one week for one person, that total is $29.05. If they then used that money to buy items needed from the lists the missions, we are focusing on have provided, think how much help we could give to those in need. If we shop frugally it could make an even greater difference. (4.1.21 thru 8.31.21)
  • Read-a-Thon – raise money according to how much you read in a set period of time. The District challenges you to see how many books of the Bible you can read between (3.1.21 and 9.30.21).

In all of the above challenges, churches or individuals can chose to participate and individuals or churches can choose to pledge. We ask that you choose your challenge(s) as a participant and then work to collect pledges toward your goal. Dates have been added for each, so that we can make sure product and monies arrive where they need to be throughout the year, to make sure we are continuing our constant work of being the hands and feet for our brothers and sisters in need.

We know the Spirit is willing and able because in 2020 over $77,000 was raised within the WV Conference and we all know what kind of year that was. Our faith leads us to higher heights daily, bringing us out of the valley and into the light. We can do this, together.

District Conference has been set for April 24th at 4:00 p.m. via Zoom. The Potomac Highlands District Office (https://phdumc.org/) will be available as a dropping-off point for tangible items Tuesdays & Thursday’s from 9 to 11 am and 1 to 4 pm. If you are traveling from a distance, please call the District Secretary Sonnie James 304.822. 4191 before heading out to make sure either she or the DS will be in the office as mentioned.

We look forward to being in mission with you all. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact the District Office or one of us at 304.897.5182. We will update the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PHCOME) as needed. God bless!

In Christ,

Jim & Heather Rogers

Scott’s Run Settlement House 2021

Upshur Parish House 2021

Volunteers in Mission 2021 (1)