District Directory

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2020-2021 Active Clergy

Retired Clergy and Spouse 2020-2021

Surviving Spouses 2020-2021

District Committee on Ordained Ministry 2020-2021

District Lead Team 2020-2021

Potomac Highlands District Trustees 2020-2021

Superintendency and Staff Relations 2020-2021

Church Location and Building Committee 2020-2021

Lay Servant and Lay Leadership Development and Ministries Team 2020-2021

Clergy Support and Pastoral Care Committee 2020-2021

Disaster Response Team 2020-2021

Potomac Highland District Parishes and Coordinators 2020-2021

Youth Leadership Committee 2020-2021


Please remember in prayer each individual on their birthday and each couple on their anniversary!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Servants or Local Lay Servants or the requirements of each, please contact Betty Rizer, District Director of Lay Servant Ministries at 304-788-3150. If changes are determined, please also let the District Office know of any changes so that the database can reflect such changes.

Lay Servant-Speaker Categories and Requirements

PHDistrict Local Lay Servants 12-14-18

PHDistrict Local Lay Speakers 12-14-18