Charge Conference Forms

ATTENTION: Please ONLY use the charge conference forms sent to you by the Potomac Highlands District office by email or provided here on the District Website. DO NOT USE THE CHARGE CONFERENCE FORMS PROVIDED ON THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE AS THEY ARE FORMATTED DIFFERENTLY!

The 2018 Charge Conference Schedule, Forms and Instructional Information are available here and have been emailed to each pastor on July 18, 2018 (hopefully each pastor will respond to that email with “GOT IT”).  A Charge Conference Packet with the forms prepared by the Conference Center (only available in paper form), Fair Share Forms, etc. will be available for pastors after July 20th at the District Office, or to pick up at the Clergy/Family Picnic on August 18, 2018 or perhaps another district event or gathering.


 2018 Charge Conference Schedule (click on link): (emailed to all pastors on 7/2/18-please check your email and reply with “GOT IT”)


2018 Charge Conference Forms in Word & Excel (can be filled in by computer):


2018 Charge Conference Forms in PDF (must be printed and then filled in by typewriter or legibly written by hand):


The 2018 Charge Conference Schedule, Forms and Instructional Information have been emailed to all pastors and are also available here on the District Website, with the exception of Pgs. 1 – 12 of the Charge/Church Officers-Nominations forms prepared by the Conference Office and ONLY AVAILABLE IN PAPER FORM. These forms (along with a hard copy of the Fair Share/District Fund apportionment forms) will be placed in a “Charge Conference Packet” for each pastor/charge that can be picked up after July 20, 2018), at the District Office (please call first and let us know you are picking it up). The packet will also be distributed at the Clergy/Family Picnic on Saturday, August 18th. Please make arrangements to pick up your packet well in advance of the date of your scheduled charge conference date. We will also prepare each clergy’s 2019 Salary Sheet if you give us the information needed to prepare it, and actually encourage you to do so as they have already been started on the office computer and just need your updated information and figures.

The instructions for completing the charge conference forms should be followed closely. After you complete your charge conference forms, they can be then emailed, faxed, sent post office mail, or physically brought into the District Office. Completed Charge Conference Forms MUST be submitted to the District Office NO LATER THAN ten days before your Charge Conference date!!! Please, no exceptions! If you absolutely need to change your Charge Conference date or time because of emergency, please contact DS well in advance of your charge conference as there will be little flexibility in the 2018 Charge Conference Schedule that is posted here and has been emailed to all clergy. If you’ve not replied to our email with an I  GOT IT!, then please see the schedule posted here and email or call the office so we will be informed that you do know when your charge conference date, time, and location is. Keep in mind that the Annual Clergy Interviews also need to be done and you can find your interview date/time/place on this Website under “Resources”/Annual Clergy Interview Schedule when it is posted in several weeks. Please be mindful that the new DS is also learning about preparing for and holding charge conferences, along with trying to learn “the lay of the land in the Potomac Highlands District”, so please try to help him by accommodating his schedule as much as possible.