C.O.M.E. – Celebration of Mission Event – 2023


celebration of mission event 2023

an idea for lent for c.o.m.e. from our C.O.M.E. Coordinator:

During Lent, many of us are reminded once again to examine our lifestyles and ask, “What can we do for others?” Part of faith formation at any age is compassion and offering a serving heart to our neighbors. These past few years have been challenging when trying to find ways to serve our neighbors while remaining physically distant. This time has also reminded us that we need to demonstrate compassion to others now more than ever. Lent is a good time to commit to giving money to a project that helps those in need. One way to involve the whole family is to collect coins during the season of Lent and then following Easter, donate the money.

Items on the daily guide will remind us of all we have and how little others may have. Each Sunday, pray for the project and the people who will benefit from your gifts. Our giving begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes with Holy Saturday. During Lent, Sundays are for worship and praise to God and are reflected with a weekly day of prayer.


  • Ash Wednesday – February 22: A coin for every lamp
  • February 23: A coin for every light switch
  • February 24: A coin for every candle
  • February 25: A coin for every flashlight (Include the one on your smartphone.)
  • February 26: Pray today, thanking God for the gift of light. Pray for those who live in darkness.
  • February 27: A coin for every box of cereal
  • February 28: A coin for every can of soup

MARCH 2023

  • March 1: A coin for every type of bread
  • March 2: A coin for every jar of jelly
  • March 3: A coin for every bottle of salad dressing
  • March 4: A coin for every jar of peanut butter
  • March 5: Pray today, thanking God for the food you enjoy. Pray for those who have no food this day.
  • March 6: A coin for every ball cap or hat
  • March 7: A coin for every pair of shoes
  • March 8: A coin for every pair of jeans or pants
  • March 9: A coin for every coat
  • March 10: A coin for every t-shirt
  • March 11: A coin for every sweatshirt
  • March 12: Pray today, thanking God for clothing that protects you from the elements. Pray for those who lack clothing to keep them warm and dry.
  • March 13: A coin for every ball or piece of athletic equipment
  • March 14: A coin for every electronic video game
  • March 15: A coin for every smart device (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • March 16: A coin for every television
  • March 17: A coin for every doll or stuffed animal
  • March 18: A coin for every board or card game
  • March 19: Pray today, thanking God for how you can enjoy entertainment in your home. Pray for those who would be grateful for just one of these items.
  • March 20: A coin for every box of Band-Aids®
  • March 21: A coin for every bottle of vitamins
  • March 22: A coin for every box of tissues
  • March 23: A coin for every bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • March 24: A coin for every toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • March 25: A coin for every cough drop found in your house.
  • March 26: Pray today, thanking God for your health. Pray for those who are sick.
  • March 27: A coin for every room in your home
  • March 28: A coin for every electrical outlet in your home
  • March 29: A coin for every chair in your home
  • March 30: A coin for every desk in your home (virtual work/school)
  • March 31: A coin for every bathroom

APRIL 2023

  • April 1: A coin for every bed
  • April 2: (Palm Sunday): Pray today, thanking God for shelter. Pray for those who have no place to sleep at night.
  • April 3: A coin for every Bible
  • April 4: A coin for every book of hymns or sacred songs in your home
  • April 5: A coin for every cross in your home
  • April 6: A coin for every prayer you say today
  • April 7: A coin for every story of Jesus you can tell
  • April 8: A coin for every person in your family
  • Easter Sunday – April 9: Pray, thanking God for Jesus and for the many ways we can gather and worship God. Pray for those who will receive the coins collected that they would see God’s presence through them.

WV Conference C.O.M.E. Coordinator:

Cliff Schell


potomac highlands District C.O.M.E. Coordinator:

Charles W. May



701 Baltimore Avenue

Mountain Lake Park, Maryland 21550

How will you support C.O.M.E. this year?

Celebration of Mission Event has changed in the life cycle. Yet, this is still an active giving area in the West Virginia Annual Conference and the Potomac Highlands District.

Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.                        I John 3:18 NIV

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What is Celebration of Mission Event?


  • An opportunity for all persons and churches to present the fruits of our faith, labor, and commitment to the support of our United Methodist Mission Ministries: Conference Mission Projects, Church and Community Ministries, Volunteers in Mission, and the New Vision Depot Disaster Response.
  • Reaching out to help the needs of our annual conference through local fundraising and by gathering material goods for mission kits, food for hungry persons, and providing for other needs as they arise.
  • Celebrating the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to do good in this world as the Body of Christ, and the joy of working together to help meet the needs of thousands of persons served by our Mission Ministries.

Who Does it Help?

This year, the Potomac Highlands District contributions go to:

Greater Clarksburg Parish C & C Ministry

New Vision Depot

Churches may give money and goods.  We normally collect goods at our District Conference in late April.  You may also donate money any time of the year. Instructions are in the C.O.M.E. Booklet.

What Can We Give?

Greater Clarksburg Parish c & C Ministry:

Food Pantry: canned vegetables, dry beans, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, rice, breakfast foods, corn bread mix, soup, stuffing mix, and other side dishes

Hygiene Items: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, razors, brushes, combs, Band-Aids, toilet paper

Office: stamps, envelopes, printer ink (HP 63 black and color):

General Ministry: financial donations to assist the families

New Vision Depot: 

Cleaning Items:  32-64 oz. bottle liquid laundry detergent, 4-8 oz. pump spray air freshener, 6-14 oz. pump spray insect repellant or packets, scrub brushes, reusable cleaning wipes, scouring pads

Storage Containers: 33-45 gallon size heavy-duty trash bags, 2.5 gallon, 1 gallon and quart Zip Lock bags

Miscellaneous Items: N95 respirator dust masks, leather work gloves, heavy duty extension cords, 50 or 100 foot clothes line, non-cellulose sponges

Personal Care Items:  paper towels, bathroom tissue, hand towels, combs (NO pocket combs), toenail and fingernail clipper

On behalf of the Conference Mission Ministries, thank you for your continued prayers, gifts, and involvement in these vital ministries.